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Goutham Pacha Ravi (gouthamr) wrote :

As the IRC discussion states, in all the driver calls in share/, the share manager passes the share (instance) model to the drivers - but, during provisioning (create, manage, create_from_snapshot, etc), drivers will need the extra-specs from the share type associated with the share instance to perform some actions.

So the solution to this RFE can be in several parts:

1) Grab the extra-specs from the share instance's share type and pass it down to the drivers in the share object as share['capabilities']. This method can be used to serialize the share instance: so that its not a sqlalchemy model object.

2) Drivers that currently query the share type extra specs for provisioning can stop doing so and rely on the share['capabilities']

Part (2) can be completed in separate follow up patches.

Since this is a good opportunity for new contributors to learn this part of the codebase, i'm tagging this as a "low-hanging-fruit".

Please feel free to claim this bug and work with any of the maintainers to fix it.