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Stephen Warren (srwarren) wrote :

I just rebooted, and logged in to classic mode; I guess that's what I was in most recently before rebooting.

Now, starting desktop-switcher did have classic mode initially selected as expected, and clicking netbook mode then apply does do something. Specifically, the color theme changed to the black-based theme, windows started being forced maximized without decorations. However, other things didn't switch correctly: The panel at the bottom of the screen that contains icons for running applications went away, but the space is still allocated for it; a panel-sized unusable black area is now present there. Also, the top panel that contains menu bars, notification icons etc. in classic mode appears to be there still, containing Applications, Places and System menus that work, plus the "quick launch" icons for firefox etc., plus a person icon in the top-right that allows logout/switch-user. Missing are clock, network-manager status ucon, power status icon, etc.

So, still not remotely working as expected.