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Martin Pool (mbp) wrote :

I think the correct state of this is:

 * we are no longer specifically trying to make this a losa-managed service
 * it's fine if ~canonical-bazaar can administer this machine

> 1) package-import is currently monitored manually.

Let's focus on getting good clear accurate reporting out of it, eg fixing the bug that currently-being-retried jobs are not shown in the list. Get it to the point where we can glance at the page and immediately see if it's healthy, declining, or critical. Then we can all bookmark and poll it. This service is not yet at the stage where we need to generate interrupts immediately.

> 2) Jubany is a powerful server which is meant to be assigned to another task.

If IS are keen to move it, they are welcome to do so as long as it doesn't break, and we will help. Moving to a less powerful machine is not a goal for us.

> 3) Restricting access to the machine, so that LOSAs are the only ones with direct access.


> 4) If we are doing major rework of the import system, we might consider trying to rephrase the problem in terms of the vcs-import system.

Let's think about what would let them use common infrastructure, but actually doing it is not a priority.