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Christian Ehrhardt  (paelzer) wrote :

the cloud init portion that is required for this functionality is ready in a MP at .
I think this should get in soon depending on smoser's next review.

IF/WHAT change we need in curtin and/or maas to exploit these has to be discussed - I couldn't reach smoser last Friday - but in the meantime I think that is something to be discussed with the MAAS team ahead of time anyway.

IMHO - given the cloud-init changes, the MAAS/cloud-init preseeds infrastructure could be already enough for any site that wants to use this feature to set it up with keys and custom source.list templates as they need to allow a derived repositories.

@Andres: If you could set up a call with smoser and me that works for you - that would be great.
IIRC you are currently sprinting and I know combining your current TZ and mine in Germany won't leave a lot of options, but I think you have the busiest schedule atm - so you should be scheduling it.