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Wesley Wiedenmeier (wesley-wiedenmeier) wrote :

Hi DeeVee,

Could you please post the configuration that was given to curtin when you installed? You can ask maas for the configuration with:
maas <session> node get-curtin-config <system-id>

I believe that what happened in your case was that 'id' attribute for the disk at path '/dev/cciss/c0d0' was 'cciss/c0d0', which has a slash in it. Due to the way curtin generates dname rules, a slash in the id of a device with a name attribute would cause curtin to be unable to write a dname rule link file, as the OS would interpret the slash as a new directory instead of just part of the filename.

If this is the case, then we have to decide whether it would be better for curtin to replace a slash in the id attribute for storage config elements when generating dname rules or for maas not to emit storage config ids with special characters.