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Brian Murray (brian-murray) wrote :

From #ubuntu-meeting on 2022-05-12:

08:24 < ubottu> Bug 1972115 in apport (Ubuntu)
                "ubuntu-bug <crashfile> exits after
                dialog instead of sending data"
                [Undecided, New]
08:25 < bdmurray> I think that's of Low importance given
                  its been like that forever
08:25 < bdmurray> Having said that Launchpad is the only
                  way to have a conversation with a
                  crash reporter at this point in time
08:25 < bdmurray> So it might be nice
08:25 < bdrung> would it make sense to have two options
                in that case "send" and "create bug
08:26 < bdmurray> I wouldn't want it to be that
                  accessible and have everyone clicking
                  "create bug report".
08:27 < bdrung> so then maybe a command line parameter
                to enable it?
08:28 < bdmurray> If somebody deliberately runs
                  ubuntu-bug with a crash file it should
                  go to both.
08:28 < bdmurray> Or a command line parameter.
08:28 < bdmurray> Anyway, let's go ahead and card this.