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Łukasz Zemczak (sil2100) wrote :

This is interesting. Still browsing through the syslog entries, but it seems the crash happened during the ubiquity.install_misc step. Ubiquity is sometimes a mystery for me, especially after a longer time not looking at the code. Particularly:

This was a no-network installation, so no updates should be pulled from the internet. Third party software was requested, as this laptop uses a Broadcom wifi driver. The driver apparently got installed correctly, although the syslog has some worrying output regarding it.

But the biggest mystery to me is: if this was a no-network install, why right before the error installing some misc packages ubiquity disables CD entries in the sources.list file?! It shouldn't use the internet. There was no request for updates (as no network), why disabling CDRom entries and then running update and trying the install? I can't remember the logic of why that would happen.

Feb 22 12:19:28 ubuntu-budgie finish-install: Disabling CDROM entries in sources.list
Feb 22 12:19:36 ubuntu-budgie finish-install: Err:2 jammy-security InRelease
Feb 22 12:19:36 ubuntu-budgie finish-install: Could not resolve ‘’

Might be a red herring, but it's certainly not expected in my opinion.