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Jeremie Tamburini (jeremie2) wrote :

Let's say that the message still makes sense if a user is setting up a GPT table on a old computer with old BIOS.
In that case a message may "suggest" to create the ESP so that if your computer is broken, you can move the disk even on a modern computer with UEFI.

As far as I know it shouldn't be useful at all with old ms-dos(MBR) partition table... if I'm not wrong.

I think the cleaner solution might be to set specific messages depending on the user's hardware:

1- UEFI ---> EFI is needed!
2- BIOS with GPT partition ---> EFI is suggested. In case of problems you can also move the disk to a computer with UEFI
3- BIOS with MBR ---> no message

Alternatively in a less "elegant" but easier to implement way, the current message could be replaced with 1st and 2nd messages merged together. It might look verbose...