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John Chittum (jchittum) wrote :

racb and I had a quick chat and here's our take away:

1. sshd configs need to move to /etc/sshd/sshd_config.d/ , as is appropriate

2. we on CPC are going to go through our images and ensure we have config files in appropriate places. If there are .d/ directories available, we need to use them. If there are not, we should open bugs against the packages we are configuring to get .d/ folders added as we have requirements to provided initial configuration, and support automated updates

3. CPC is going to check our package update (apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade -y) on default images on Focal and Jammy to see what pops up now, and document behaviour to end users. This is not a release blocked

4. CPC is going to check `do-release-upgrade` from Focal to Jammy and document default behaviour

note that our default behaviour documentation won't be able to cover all end-user experiences. it just gives a baseline for expectations for "base" starting points.

our goal is to make sure end-users know the best non-interactive paths on the cloud using the Ubuntu default experiences (meaning we won't add instructions for all IT automation possibilities, but will document apt, needrestart, etc)