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Robie Basak (racb) wrote :

Sorry, I didn't realise the build info didn't provide what you needed.

It's reproducible with "lxc launch ubuntu:focal" and then "do-release-upgrade -d" (after a regular apt upgrade to ensure it's ready, etc).

A quicker way of verifying is to locate ucf's copy of what it left in /etc. This is in /var/lib/ucf/cache/. It should be identical to what is actually in /etc after booting a cloud image. This is presumably a hack, but should be a quick way to check for now.

> Regression is also a bit of a misnomer...

From a user's point of view, they were able to release upgrade without this issue before, and now they can't, so it's a regression even if it wasn't caused by a recent code change in livecd-rootfs. The bug in livecd-rootfs might have been latent and present for seven years, but it's now been brought to the surface by an otherwise-reasonable change in openssh-server.