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Balint Reczey (rbalint) wrote : Re: Bring back ondemand.service or switch kernel default governor for pstate - pstate now defaults to performance governor

I have a freshly installed 20.10 system running on a 2012 MacBook Air (MBA 5,2) and it is completely silent and cold when being idle:

rbalint@chaos:~$ sudo cpupower frequency-info
analyzing CPU 0:
  driver: intel_pstate
  CPUs which run at the same hardware frequency: 0
  CPUs which need to have their frequency coordinated by software: 0
  maximum transition latency: Cannot determine or is not supported.
  hardware limits: 800 MHz - 2.80 GHz
  available cpufreq governors: performance powersave
  current policy: frequency should be within 800 MHz and 2.80 GHz.
                  The governor "performance" may decide which speed to use
                  within this range.
  current CPU frequency: Unable to call hardware
  current CPU frequency: 915 MHz (asserted by call to kernel)
  boost state support:
    Supported: yes
    Active: yes
    2600 MHz max turbo 4 active cores
    2600 MHz max turbo 3 active cores
    2600 MHz max turbo 2 active cores
    2800 MHz max turbo 1 active cores

@seb128, @juliank I'm not sure if there is anything to fix in the user space, but please report which laptops you experienced issues with. Those may need firmware/kernel fixes.