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Nicolas Mouart (nm9999) wrote (last edit ): Re: [20.04] Keyboard layout not enabled immediately during installation when typing username/password

Hello Lukasz,

As mentioned earlier, I replicated using Virtualbox 6.1.26. Looking at the syslog and after further investigation,
the problem happens following open-vm-tools-desktop being installed.

This triggers gdm-x-session to update the layout and, for some unclear reason, set the xkbmap to the gnome-session settings instead of the ones
defined by ubiquity under /etc/default/keyboard.
Since setxkbmap is a Xsession tool and settings are not kept per se, ubiquity should ensure that it enforces desired keyboard settings, after ubuntu-drivers has finished installing potentially required packages ( which may affect gdm-x-session).

Workaround 2 : On the update software page, choose minimal install, click continue. Wait for a moment that the ubuntu-drivers list-oem finishes ( in the background, you can't see it unless looking at the syslog, the display blinks very quickly at some point in my case), then go back to the keyboard page and continue again.
This time the keyboard settings are kept as desired during partitioning and user steps.

Workaround 3 : Modify the virtualbox machine settings when turned off

Under Virtualbox Machine's Settings > Display > Graphics Controller
Changed VMSVGA (default) to VBoxSVGA
As a result, open-vm-tools is not installed, gdm-x-session doesn't update the layout and keyboard settings do not change.

I hope this helps.