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Nicolas Mouart (nm9999) wrote (last edit ): Re: [20.04] Keyboard layout not enabled immediately during installation when typing username/password

Same problem during installation using Hirsute Hippo 21.04 Desktop ISO image on virtualbox 6.1.26.

I choose "Français" at the beginning and setup changes correctly to French language.

Then I pick "French" (topmost choice in keyboard mapping list) at the keyboard layout stage and I can confirm in the text bar, underneath the mapping list on the same screen, that the keyboard mapping is correct (AZERTY).

Then during partitioning, I choose automated partitioning with LVM and Encryption

First issue : Keyboard mapping is set back to US layout (confirmed by trying change the location of the security key and typing in the contextual folder path ).
NOTE: All steps are displayed in French language as expected.

Second issue : Again, during creation of the first user, the keyboard mapping is also set to US and not French.

Upon restart, the disk decryption fails since the keyboard mapping was wrong during setup. (Trying FR to US mapping translation of the password fails as well ). I had to reinstall.

New install using test password admin123 -> I can see qd;in!@# instead (US standard mapping )

=> It seems the problem happens just after the change of keyboard mapping, it is not taken into account by the installer but it is later on after install.

Workaround : I typed the desired password in US mapping (qd,in&é" on a French standard keyboard) during installation.

IMPORTANT: Using the workaround, after restart at the end of installation, the mapping is correct ( french) from then on (disk decryption and login succeeded using admin123 password on French keyboard, etc ...).