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Łukasz Zemczak (sil2100) wrote : Re: [20.04] Keyboard layout not enabled immediately during installation when typing username/password

This is weird. I just tried reproducing this issue on both release images and on the latest hirsute (21.04) dailies (Ubuntu Desktop) and failed. Steps I used to reproduce it:

1. Booted up the image on a VM
2. Ubiquity starts, on the left-hand side list I selected 'Norsk bokmål' and then the equivalent of 'Install Ubuntu'.
3. Moved through all the stages, installing the system on disk
4. On the username and password screen, I typed '[' on my keyboard and got 'å' on the input field instead - meaning the correct keyboard layout was used.

Am I doing something wrong? Can anyone tell me if I'm missing a step? Or is it no longer reproducible on both focal and hirsute *again*?