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Jean-Do Veuve (jeando) wrote : Re: Incorrect keyboard layout for selecting username and password during install of 20.04

I installed a fresh Ubuntu 20.04 LTS on an Oracle VM. During the installation, I choosed “french language” and “Belgian keyboard”. Later, the installer asked me to type my name and password and THERE the keyboard is in Qwerty with no support of the numeric pad (Qwerty 88)

I checked it with two different install to be sure of the bug. And with a German keyboard, same problem.

After reboot, it returns back in Keyb BE as defined.

Potential login problem :

If your name doesn’t contain any letter as “z-q-a-w or m” nor a numeric AND neither does your password, you are fine. But if only your password does, you’re fried because you cannot detect the problem during the install and at the next restart : bam ! “your password is invalid”.

The work around is to type the password with the “Qwerty 88” design in your head, a design easy to find on internet.