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Jean-Do Veuve (jeando) wrote : Re: [20.04] Keyboard layout not enabled immediately during installation when typing username/password


Okay, I double check on base of your remarks and I got deeper in the tests and eliminate the other bugs in this report. Thank you for helping to reformulate and motivate me to goes on :-)

I am more precise now and I think I may say it is exactly the same bug in all 3 languages I checked. The selected keyboard layout is NOT recognize at any point during the install process, period. I check 3 keyboards layout (and languages): Norwegian, French and Deutsch (aka German) on my VM.

In other words: at no point of the install but the moment of the selection itself, you get the keyboard layout you selected. You got a 82 US layout in the first version of 20.04, with "Groovie" it's a 102 US layout (with numeric keypad). A little progress, so.

The original bug description said: "During a fresh install of Ubuntu 20.04, selecting Norwegian keyboard is provided and keys are responding correctly at that stage. But later when entering user information the keyboard setting is wrong." Word for word, the same remark applies except, as I said before, that the problem appears sooner, too.

It may help to trace the bug that some problem exist in US layout too: the keyboard layout fall to 88 touch during the install process.