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Mark Thompson (mark-r-thompson) wrote : Re: [Bug 1975409] Re: package php8.1-xdebug 3.1.2+2.9.8+2.8.1+2.5.5-4 failed to install/upgrade: installed php8.1-xdebug package post-installation script subprocess returned error exit status 2



That has  cleared the the issue with x-debug. The php.ini files still
have the modifications in them I made.

Still wondering how this happened after what appeared a clean upgrade?



On 22/05/2022 11:41, Manfred Hampl wrote:
> "/usr/sbin/phpenmod: 31: .: cannot open /usr/lib/php/php-helper: No such
> file"
> Try
> sudo apt install --reinstall php-common