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Remco Slotboom (remco-slotboom) wrote :

Just to add to this, I upgraded from ubuntu 4.10 all the way to 6.10. I noticed the problem first when my machine (VAIO laptop with 1 gig of ram) got irresponsive. Then I noticed I had no swap space.

I did try hibernate and suspend before, hibernate never worked, suspend might have once.

What might be interesting is that my machine had also had swap FILE setup which was also not being used when I had problems. running mkswap on that fixed the problem.

I have updated the UUID for the swap PARTITION in fstab using the instructions in

see also

swapon -a enabled the swap partition. I have yet to reboot to see if it remains working. I'll update the hibernation config (/etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume) sometime later to see if hibernation now works. (which would be great).