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Paulus (donmatteo) wrote : Re: Hibernation stops working after upgrade to edgy - "no valid swap signature, try swapon -a"

To repeat what was said above- this is not just a problem of hibernation. Effectively, after a dapper->edgy upgrade, the swap partition is lost. Ubuntu does not work well without a swap partition, as it wil grind to a halt if you run more than a few programs at once, even at 256GB RAM. For the unsuspecting user, this bug results in strange halts or freezes, wondering why edgy is much more unstable than its predecessor. This makes the problem critical, and I agree with the poster above that it is puzzling to see so little developer feedback on this bug-report.

Some more observations:

* Symptoms include "free" displaying no available swap space and "swapon -a" failing with "no such device"

* This happens even if the user doesn't "mkswap" manually; upgrading is quite enough.

* This also (obviously) prevents hibernation from working (though trying to hibernate does not, for the most part, fail gracefully).

* Trying the fix above (using mkswap and update-initramfs) actually resulted in my root partition being corrupted: the partition could only be mounted ro, and fsck'ing made things worse yet. As to why this happened, I have no idea. It might very well be another unrelated bug.

In conclusion, it seems that this is a good candidate for a Edgy point release (if this can be thusly fixed), or at least a remark inside the release notes.