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ben (bhaubeck-gmail) wrote : Re: swap not being mounted on boot

jens_acamedia wrote:
> ben - uuid changes are not always reflected until after a reboot...
> follow THESE instructions and report back
> 1, determine your swap with 'fdisk -l'
it is /dev/hda2

> 2, do mkswap on your swap partition - RECORD THE UUID WHICH THIS COMMAND
 mkswap /dev/hda2
Setting up swapspace version 1, size = 1496993 kB
no label, UUID=eb19acf3-bf59-484b-beac-a46f6b3dc990

> 3, now use this UUID to put into fstab and resume
> files...(RESUME=UUID=<the-swap-partition-uuid-from-vol_ID
> should go in /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume


> 4, update-initramfs -u
done, without errors

> 5, reboot normally after this finishes
now it works.

i try to figure out, what i have done wrong yesterday.
first i did determine the UUID of the swap-device and did a mkswap on the symbolic link /dev/disk/by-uuid/<uuid> (i do not know, why i did so) and maybe that will not work?!

again: thanks you very much for your step-by-step - instructions!