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This bug was fixed in the package ubuntu-ui-toolkit - 0.1.46+13.10.20130703.1-0ubuntu1

ubuntu-ui-toolkit (0.1.46+13.10.20130703.1-0ubuntu1) saucy; urgency=low

  [ Zsombor Egri ]
  * Fix for re-parenting items that are anchor filled to an item in
    default layout.
  * TextField API extended with API left out from TextInput. wrapMode is
    not inlcuded as does not make sense to be used in single line input.
    (LP: #1183265)
  * Calculator example which turns from simple calculator (phone
    portrait mode) into scientific one (phone landscape mode) reflecting
    the use of Ubuntu.Layouts. .
  * Removing common.pri from and Layouts\ causing
    qmake warnings when Ubuntu UI toolkit project is opened in

  [ Leo Arias ]
  * Replaced the MainWindow emulator for autopilot tests with a MainView
    emulator that the uses the custom emulator features of autopilot.
  * Added the Toolbar Autopilot emulator. (LP: #1177341)

  [ Juhapekka Piiroinen ]
  * Fixed broken ubuntu-ui-toolkit-gallery.qmlproject file, which had an
    invalid value in mainFile field.

  [ tpeeters ]
  * Update header behavior: - Do not automatically hide the header when
    scrolling in a flickable that is not anchored to the top of the
    page. - Automatically show the header when flickable's contentHeight
    becomes less than flickable.height. - Update documentation for
    Page.flickable. (LP: #1156573, #1160175)

  [ Kaleo ]
  * Removed common.pri and coverage.pri files that were cluttering
    QtCreator making it harder to understand the real structure of the
    project. coverage.pri has been transformed into a feature file
    (coverage.prf) which works the same way as before.
  * Removed antiquated TextCustom class.
  * Removed unused old-style tabs delegate.
  * Removed UbuntuShape.qml and transferred code & documentation to
    shapeitem.cpp ShapeItem: renamed baseColor property into color.
  * UbuntuShape: simplified gradient implementation; gradientColor is
    now the same as color by default. .
  * Simplified theming infrastructure. There are no stylesheets anymore
    (.qmltheme file), only delegates remain. A theme is a QML module
    containing delegates whose names are standardized. The default theme
    is called 'Ambiance' and available from QML through 'import
    Ubuntu.Components.Themes.Ambiance 0.1'. The name of the current
    theme is set in ~/.config/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/theme.ini Writing a new
    theme is done by creating a QML module and adding it in the
    Ubuntu/Components/Themes folder. A theme inherits from another theme
    by containing a text file name 'parent_theme' whose first and only
    line is the name of the parent theme. * Moved themes/ directory to
    Ubuntu/Components/Themes so that themes are importable. * Simplified
    ThemeEngine and ThemeSettings class, removed the rest of the theming
    infrastructure (ItemStyle, Style, QmlThemeLoader, Selector,
    StyleCache). * Adapted all widgets to use the simplified theming
    technique: - new StyledItem class that has a 'style' Component
    property representing the delegate - all widgets that have delegates
    inherit from StyledItem - all widgets set the 'style' property to
    the corresponding delegate in the current theme by using
    Theme.createStyleComponent() - Ambiance's stylesheet property/values
    have been moved to where they are used (mostly to the delegates) -
    TextAreaDelegate: exposed background as Component property - Added a
    delegate specific to TextField: TextFieldDelegate - Renamed
    delegates so that they match their widget's name (e.g.
    EditorCursorDelegate.qml renamed to TextCursorDelegate.qml since
    it's the delegate of TextCursor.qml) * Renamed UITK_THEME_PATH into
    UBUNTU_UI_TOOLKIT_THEMES_PATH. (LP: #1152160, #1152161, #1152162,
    #1185950, #1081038, #1167998, #1137210, #1152154, #1152158)
  * New UbuntuColors singleton defining the standard Ubuntu color
    palette. (LP: #1098209)
  * debian/control: specify same architecture for ubuntu-ui-toolkit-
    theme as for qtdeclarative5-ubuntu-ui-toolkit-plugin so that the
    files end up in the same folder. (LP: #1197164)
  * Button: - implementation clean up - updated visual design - new
    'gradient' property.
  * When looking up the plugin's directory
    (UbuntuComponentsPlugin::baseUrl), a case was omitted: if another
    Ubuntu/Components directory exists and is present in the
    QML2_IMPORT_PATH then the lookup failed. This fix is temporary until
    Qt 5.1. (LP: #1197293)
  * Reverted revisions 562 & 569 that broke the autopilot tests. Fixed
    button related autopilot test. (LP: #1197355)

  [ Ubuntu daily release ]
  * Automatic snapshot from revision 580
 -- Ubuntu daily release <email address hidden> Wed, 03 Jul 2013 19:53:27 +0000