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Hans Joachim Desserud (hjd) wrote :

I've seen this multiple times over the years, due to how I set up VMs with development release. Last verified earlier right now with the latest Ubuntu Focal live image.

1. On the "Who are you?"-screen, type in your name, for instance "ubuntu".
2. It will autosuggest your computer's name as "ubuntu-Virtualbox" (or machine name on physical machine)
3. The Virtualbox part is uneeded, remove that.
4. Ops, cannot end in a dash. Remove that as well.
5. Tab to the next field.

Everything ok, I pick a username and fill in my password.

When I tab to the username field, I get the error message stating "that name already exists on the network". It stays there until I start filling in my password, or (according to comments above) enough time has passed.