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Tested on impish 10/11 daily build
$ sha256sum ~/Downloads/impish-desktop-amd64.iso
b498e92cbc97b8afa1a8a3e92fc87f8124c498500af2c4ca4b55fba4da33d5fe /home/jeremysu/Downloads/impish-desktop-amd64.iso

The ubiquity doesn't call `ubunut-drivers install` to install (at least) nvidia drivers but workaround by copying configurations[1].

It's because calling the "ubuntu-drivers install" might be an unexpected call flow (calls "ubuntu-drivers install" in chroot stage of ubiquity) and the solution may need to change a lot[2]. To implement it will be better in coming release and workaround (by copying configurations) in previous releases.

However, to use "ubuntu-drivers install" is the correct/final way to make sure the logic of selecting/configuring the configurations for proprietary drivers.

I'll suggest to have "jjj/impish/hirsute/focal" series here to make sure we have solution(workaround) for each series (workaround in I/H/F and have the final solution in "jjj(22.04)").