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Tom Reynolds (tomreyn) wrote (last edit ):

It does not seem like much work of the Desktop team has gone into this bug during the past 9 years and no one seems to be working on it right now - so it's probably not wrong to reset the status to *confirmed*.


Bug 704763 discusses multiple installation scenarios, but most seems to be about BIOS booting off a boot sector, based on this quote "[..] the installer STILL overwrote the boot loader of my computer's INTERNAL hard-drive (the one containing Windows Vista) with GRUB".

Comments there refer to UEFI specific bug 1512589, however that is about debian-installer based automated (preseed) installations, and installation method no longer supported.

So both reports differ from THIS bug 1396379, which is about the UEFI booted Ubuntu Desktop installer always installing the boot loader to the first EFI System Partition (ESP) it finds, even if a different installation target for the boot loader was selected by the user.