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Christian Assig (chrassig) wrote :

I am also affected by this bug in continental Europe. I have two Kubuntu installations, one is an edgy installation with sun-java5, the other one is feisty with sun-java6.

I tried the sample application DateTest from

Edgy with Java 5 shows the correct time (currently GMT offset +1 and dstSavings +1) and the correct time zone "id=Europe/Amsterdam"

Feisty with Java 6 however is affected by this bug (or at least a bug very similar to this one). The time is off by one hour because the DST savings are not taken into account. Java by default uses a time zone called "id=GMT+01:00" instead of "id=Europe/Amsterdam". "id=GMT+01:00" obviously does not include any DST savings. I can manually override the time zone by executing

java -Duser.timezone=Europe/Amsterdam DateTest

instead of simply java DateTest

So somehow Java 6 under feisty is getting the wrong time zone from the system. I checked /etc/timestamp, which correctly reads "Europe/Amsterdam", and date also reports the correct time. I switched to time zone America/Chicago using KDE's application for setting the time and time zone, but the time zone in Java changed to "id=GMT-06:00", not to "id=America/Chicago" as it should.