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TLE (k-nielsen81) wrote :

Obviously I cannot reproduce this at the current time (since it involves daylight saving) but I have been searching the Java bugtracker to try and see if I could find it reported there. Unfortunately there are quite a few bug that may or may not be related. It is difficult for me to determine since I'm not that adept at Java.

I would advice the original reporter or the developers that found the bug to do the following:
1. Try to determine of there is any reason to believe that this should be related to this distribution. e.g. does either of the classes involved, use any methods outside Java to determine the timezone, like say the system date or something of a sort. This could be supplemented by testing the code on another distro.
2. If it turn out that this is purely a internal Java issue. Then go upstream and see if you can figure out if this bug has already been filed there. If it hasn't the file it and link to it in this thread.

During my searches I found out that there are some "similar" bug reported in the TimeZone class. But I couldn't quite figure out if that class is being used by the GregorianCalender.

The Java bug tracker searcher is here:
and if searched with keywords like calender DST it returns the following hits:
Happy hunting