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Steve Langasek (vorlon) wrote :

Is there an intention here to make this a default on the desktop installer when installing with encryption? If so, I firmly disagree that this is an appropriate default. Layering LUKS+LVM+ext4 on a disk, but leaving no space on the VG to let the user do anything else with it, is not a sensible default. We use LVM when installing encrypted because *shrinking* an encrypted partition is exceedingly difficult for end-users to accomplish with the existing tools, which makes repartitioning after install a bad solution. If you fill the VG with a single root LV out of the box, then you've made it even HARDER to shrink the root disk if desired, by adding an additional useless layer (don't use LVM if you're never going to manage volumes).

> I couldn't find a GUI-friendly way to resize the logical volume.

gnome-disks should take care of resizing LVs.