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Description of the feature request:

The DellEMC PowerEdge RAID Controller(PERC) S130/S140 is RAID solution for the DellEMC PowerEdge systems configured through Chipset SATA controller. It does not use any dedicated Hardware for RAID operations. It is set up/configured by the system BIOS. Using the BIOS/UEFI Configuration utility user can configure RAID on onboard SATA/NVMe Drives and install OS and boot from it.

To make use of S130/S140 solution, the user need to change the SATA mode to RAID in BIOS/UEFI Configuration.
During S130/S140 configuration, the VDs (Virtual Disk) are created by system BIOS by writing metadata on the selected onboard SATA or NVMe drives. The metadata format used is MD version 1.2. The resulting VD is a Linux MDRAID VD.

This is the feature that we are requesting - to get install and boot support for Ubuntu 22.04 and future releases of Ubuntu 20.04