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Grant Orndorff (orndorffgrant) wrote :

Thanks for reporting this xnox

We had de-prioritized the feature to install the per-release coreXX livepatch-client at the recommendation of the livepatch team. They are moving livepatch-client to a "bare" base which solves the problem entirely.

However, that isn't done yet, and I don't know the latest estimate on when that will get done. I'll ping them and loop them in here.

If this is urgent, we can implement setting the coreXX/stable channel per release in the mean time until the bare base version is ready.

Can you help us understand the criticality/urgency of the problem? If I understand correctly, a Pro jammy system will get latest/stable livepatch-client, which has the "core" base. The livepatch-client works, but because it is based on "core", then the user can't uninstall "core" without also uninstalling livepatch-client. That is unideal, and maybe I just haven't had enough coffee yet today, but is there something that makes that critically urgent to fix?

Same question in practical terms: Is this critical enough that we should pause the current release process and put this feature in v30 that will be released mid-November? The next scheduled release is v31 in Feb 2024.