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Daniel Manrique (roadmr) wrote :

Hi Thomas,

For your suggestion on comment #7, note that the "iface eth0 inet manual" stanza was added automatically by casper as a result of netbooting, thus I don't really have an opportunity to add the dns-nameservers entry prior to the system booting.

I could do it in one of three places:

- Somehow hacking casper's scripts/casper-bottom/23networking file to add the dns-nameservers entry and rebuilding the initrd with this modified casper.

- Manually, by jumping to a console and editing the file by hand. But I'd still have to ifup the interface for the changes to take effect.

- Automatically, in my preseed file, possibly in the late_command or in one of the early_commands. Again, I probably would have to somehow reconfigure the interface for the changes to be considered.

I'll try the manual option (second one) to see which results this workaround yields and update again. Thanks!