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Thomas Hood (jdthood) wrote :

@Daniel: What's in /var/log/netboot.config on the affected system at the point where you can't connect?

We have established that nothing is in /run/network/interface/ then, but casper should have written /run/network/interface/casper. It appends the latter file to /root/var/log/netboot.config. If we see

    # /etc/resolv.conf
    # Autogenerated by casper

in there then we can conclude that /run/network/interface/casper got written but was deleted later.

If /run/network/interface/casper never got written then we need to debug scripts/casper-bottom/23networking. We need to find out why the code quoted in #11 is never reached.

Can you add some logging commands to the script to find out what the results are of the individual tests? The tests I have in mind are the following ones.

    -f /root/etc/resolv.conf
     -z "$(cat /root/etc/resolv.conf)"
    -n "${DEVICE}"
     -e /tmp/net-"${DEVICE}".conf
    -x /root/sbin/resolvconf
    -L /root/etc/resolv.conf