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Michael Mikowski (kfocus) wrote (last edit ): Re: increase /boot partition size

Hi Łukasz and Brian: I have been doing quite a bit of research in this area recently, and also am advocating to get kernel management and cleanup improved, especially for users who must have separate /boot partitions. This means professional users who are required to have full disk encryption according to company IT policies.

Using best practice to manage 3 kernel packages (e.g. oem, lowlatency-hwe, generic-hwe) results in the need to maintain 6 kernel file sets (latest and penultimate version for each kernel). Because of the way kernel cleaning is scheduled, additional space is also required for at least 2 additional images. You can see the entire reasoning and details at LP: #1960089.

Our conclusion is that 2.0 GB is the preferred target /boot partition size for professional systems. This is reinforced by my research which shows many pros recommend this same size when discussing partitioning (Just one example:

Given disk space these days, this seems like a small price to pay to support best practice and (hopefully) a future unattended upgrades algorithm that honors them as well.