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Nathan Stratton Treadway (nathanst) wrote :

(In case anyone else finds this bug when trying to track down the current recommended partition sizes):

I noticed there was another commit on 2022-04-01 for Ubiquity/partman-auto which referenced this bug:
  In partman-auto further increase the minimum and maximum sizes for /boot partitions on default, x86, and
  EFI platforms to a minium of 1792Mb and a maximum of 2048Mb. (LP: #1959971)

A corresponding commit was made to Subiquity on 2022-4-11:
  boot: further increase suggested sizing: min 1.7G

  Match the change implemented for Ubiquity 22.04.11,
  commit 9d1720f9d749885eb13e4bd9e23e5a832219a3ae.