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Brian Murray (brian-murray) wrote : increase /boot partition size

The kernel in Jammy is a bit larger than the one in Focal and we our previous /boot partition size calculation (LP: #1716999) likely didn't take into account adding modules like nvidia to the initramfs. Subsequently, we need to revisit the size calculations for Focal.

I'm utilizing cryptsetup and nvidia modules and have a 164M initrd when using lz4 (the default in Focal) compression. Using the same formula we previously did we end up with this:

2* (3*11 + 4*164 + 11) = 1400

So modifying the maximum size to 1536 seems reasonable, the current minimum is 512 which is actually a bit too small for an initrd with less modules e.g.:

2* (3*11 + 4*62 + 11) = 584

So the minimum should also be increased to 768.

The default compression level for Jammy is currently being discussed and until that is decided we shouldn't make changes to partman-auto for Jammy.