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George Nace (gnace) wrote :

This was finally fixed by removing the webupd8team PPA from the repositories. I thought I had removed them completely, but one was still checked. I also had to follow the instructions in the first answer to the question:

I followed the manual download and install steps, plus the steps for NetBeans which failed. I rebuilt my cache using the commandline in Terminal:

> sudo apt --fix-broken install

Conclusion: I think that other developers and/or users will experience this area and be similarly frustrated in finding the answer. Perhaps it could in part be addressed by updating the WEB UPD8 blog referenced below with a 2019 date in the uri. It would also be nice to have it support HTTPS Everywhere as it doesn't convert to an https:// address on my web browsers (Chromium or Firefox):

For my system you can consider this issue resolved. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions: <gnace(at)>