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tar file including source code and compile options for sample app

Running into what I believe is the same issue:

Problem only occurs when trying to use Motif to display a popup menu. Mouse
cursor gets locked inside of the parent window, and the popup menu is not

X server version:


Reproducible steps:
1. Install openmotif (openmotif-2.3.2-5.fc12.i686)
2. Run test app (compile options used in "README" file)
3. right click on drawing area to bring up popup menu

Expected results: pop-up menu displays.

Additional info:
Problem does not occur using Fedora 11 (Kernel,
X-server version We tried openmotif 2.3.0 and 2.3.2.

Problem does not occur using X Toolkit methods of popup creation. For example
XtMenuPopup(). Only when using motif, such as XmCreatePopupMenu().