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Iain Lane (laney) wrote :

Please see

I believe this is the kind of thing we need to fix this problem properly, generating Task fields in the archive for -updates - currently that does not happen. See add_task() in livecd-rootfs for how they are used. There might be consequences to doing it that I've not thought of, so maybe this will take a while to land in the archive.

Some workarounds / alternatives which could be done instead, to solve the immediate problem

  - Directly install the needed packages in livecd-rootfs (hardcoding)
  - Make ubiquity or something else in the live task depend on them
  - Add a new package ubuntu-live-meta (example name) generated from the live task and install this, make it work with the normal seed ./update script and then SRUs will pick it up. That's a more general variant on the previous item.