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C├ędric Dufour (cdufour-keyword-ubuntu-086000) wrote :

Hello all,

The fix released to address this bug's issue unfortunately leads to problem for those who use the Lustre filesystem (see
 - kernel hangs when attempting to mount a Lustre filesystem with the wrong "NID" (which fortunately should not happen in normal operating conditions)
 - *huge* amount of "warn_slowpath" messages in the kernel logs as soon as files are created or stat-ed on the mounted Lustre filesystem(s), resulting in degraded performances (~30%) and very fast log clogging (kern.log file growing to 1.5GB during a single bonnie++ test of 30 minutes); see attached file for /var/log/kern.log exerpts

In order to fix those issues, we had to revert the commits mentioned in comment 44 ; more precisely:
# git clone git://
# cd ubuntu-lucid/
# git diff -R fb743c6...a192aa1 > 2.6.32-28-writeback-revert.patch
(and apply the patch to the Ubuntu/Lucid Linux kernel source package before building new kernel packages)

I hope this may help those unfortunates who stumble on the same problem.