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In , Andrew (andrew-redhat-bugs) wrote :

Still happening every so often on F12
(I swapped the flaky mouse out long ago)

Current nouveau is:

Really is annoying sometimes to have to kill everything and shut down to fix the problem

(I've ALWAYS booted 'init 3' on all Linux servers because I don't think graphics drivers should be needed to boot a server ... the drivers for a while now have been forced upon us even during an 'init 3' boot ... but I've also had 'init 3' on all my desktops too ... pity it doesn't help with this problem.
My other F12 desktop - dual screen LCD + TV connected - uses that 'other' driver - obviously due to TV-Out - and though I don't work on it much - just for playing DVD's or other videos - I've still never had this problem with it)