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In , Dario (dario-redhat-bugs) wrote :

I don't know if my issue is related to this bug, but on my laptop (Compal JFL92) with a 8600M GT card, kernel killed my sound. Pulseaudio no more sees the sound card (HDA Intel) and falls back to dummy audio output. No problem at all with I'm not sure if this is the right bug to report it, as the kernel changelog reads:

* Fri Nov 19 2010 Ben Skeggs <email address hidden>
- nouveau: add quirk for iMac G4 (rhbz#505161)
- nouveau: add workaround for display hang on GF8+ (rhbz#537065)
- nouveau: don't reject 3D object creation on NVAF (MBA3)

but this seems the only one related to my hardware.
dmesg doesn't report anything suspicious, but I'm available for any further testing on this issue.

This on F14 x86_64.