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Ancoron Luziferis (ancoron) wrote :

@Steve: You are 100% right, Sir. Mixed that up with some other things in my brain... :-)

@thehighhat: The "fix" for the duallink DVI radeon KMS is not using UMS and the xorg-edgers PPA. It is just a workaround for now and only for radeon. The real fix is the patch I provided wit comment #2.

If your radeon setup doesn't work with UMS please file a new bug here and on If your radeon setup doesn't work with KMS even if you build the Lucid kernel with the patch included (see here for instructions: then you'll also have to file a new bug.

As I said already I checked the nouveau project and there is no bug regarding duallink DVI in the last few months. However there is a bug report from 2009-09-08 that seems to be interesting:

There one of the developers states: "... Now, we don't know exactly how to program dual-link as of yet ..."

So your nVidia setup might be a bit of a problem though. Did you test nouveau with the latest mainstream kernel as suggested by the xorg-edgers PPA? You can also use the latest DRM for testing:

Please test those with your setup. It will help provide a better fix.