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In , Adam Hill (sidepipeuk) wrote :

On the off chance I tried the same and it didn't work for me, but then I sort of guessed that it might not because of my different chip ( RV710 ) and also that the registers probably relate to specific outputs or whatever.

So, after some guesswork and looking at which registers changed between KMS and UMS and not over time, and looking at the change that Alex suggested for Ancoron, I came up with:

avivotool regset 0x7fd0 0x00011001

( The incorrect/previous value was 0x00010001 )

which fixes the problem for me :). I'm sure that Alex could have told me that since he obviously has an idea of what the registers actually do rather than my "needle in a haystack" approach!

So thanks for looking at this Alex - I'm now a happy bunny.