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William Lightning (kassah) wrote : ModemManager: HP ev2210 Sierra M5725 not detected

Binary package hint: network-manager

Release: Ubuntu 9.10 x86_64
Package Versions: (installed from ppa:network-manager/trunk)
modemmanager: 0.3-0ubuntu1~nmt1~karmic
libnm-glib2: 0.8~rc2-0ubuntu2~nmt3~karmic
libnm-util1: 0.8~rc2-0ubuntu2~nmt3~karmic
network-manager: 0.8~rc2-0ubuntu2~nmt3~karmic
network-manager-gnome: 0.8~rc2-0ubuntu2~nmt2~karmic

What I expected to happen:
In Gnome Network Manager Dropdown, Mobile Broadband section should include options to select my modem. This diddn't happen.