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xalt7x (xalt7x) wrote :

Trying to find the reason for this issue I tested kernels from on Ubuntu 14.04

v4.0.9-wily - flickering didn't happen (but that's because DRRS wasn't activated in the 4.0.y series)
v4.1-rc3-unstable - problem started here.

So it's quite possible that on a particular machine this issue is present since v4.1-rc1

I found that this is DRRS by looking at i915 commits in the 4.1.y tree.
intel_pc.c and intel_display.c have some DRRS-related changes

I can try to revert some commits from there.
Some interesting commits:
* drm/i915: Add support for DRRS in intel_dp_set_m_n
* drm/i915/bdw: Add support for DRRS to switch RR