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Joseph Salisbury (jsalisbury) wrote :

I built a Yakkety and a Xenial test kernel with the requested cifs commits.

The following prereq commits were required:
8b217fe7fcad Prereq for X and Y - v4.10-rc1~9^2~9
166cea4dc3a4 Prereq for X and Y - v4.9-rc1~6^2~4
3baf1a7b9215 Prereq for X and Y - v4.9-rc1~6^2~5
141891f4727c Prereq for X and Y - v4.9-rc1~6^2~10
4214ebf46547 Prereq for X - v4.8-rc7~9^2~2
a6137305a8c4 Prereq for X - v4.7-rc1~145^2~1
71335664c38f Prereq for X - v4.7-rc1~145^2
09aab880f7c5 Prereq for X - v4.7-rc1~145^2~2
16c568efff82 Prereq for X - v4.7-rc1~145^2~4
2da62906b1e2 Prereq for X - v4.7-rc1~145^2~5
373512ec5c10 Prereq for X - v4.5-rc1~6^2~2
adfeb3e00e8e Prereq for X - v4.5-rc1~6^2~4

The test kernels can be downloaded from:

Can these kernels be tested to see if they resolve this bug?