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Stephen A. Zarkos (stevez) wrote :

There has been work upstream to enable encryption support for SMB3 connections. This is particularly useful with the Azure Files feature as encryption is required to connected to an Azure Files storage share from on-prem or from a different region.

The relevant commits are as follows:

CIFS: Fix possible use after free in demultiplex thread
Commit 61cfac6f267dabcf2740a7ec8a0295833b28b5f5

CIFS: Allow to switch on encryption with seal mount option
Commit ae6f8dd4d0c87bfb72da9d9b56342adf53e69c31

CIFS: Add capability to decrypt big read responses
Commit c42a6abe3012832a68a371dabe17c2ced97e62ad

CIFS: Decrypt and process small encrypted packets
Commit 4326ed2f6a16ae9d33e4209b540dc9a371aba840

CIFS: Add copy into pages callback for a read operation
Commit d70b9104b1ca586f73aaf59426756cec3325a40e

CIFS: Add mid handle callback
Commit 9b7c18a2d4b798963ea80f6769701dcc4c24b55e

CIFS: Add transform header handling callbacks
Commit 9bb17e0916a03ab901fb684e874d77a1e96b3d1e

CIFS: Encrypt SMB3 requests before sending
Commit 026e93dc0a3eefb0be060bcb9ecd8d7a7fd5c398

CIFS: Enable encryption during session setup phase
Commit cabfb3680f78981d26c078a26e5c748531257ebb

CIFS: Add capability to transform requests before sending
Commit 7fb8986e7449d0a5cebd84d059927afa423fbf85

CIFS: Separate RFC1001 length processing for SMB2 read
Commit b8f57ee8aad414a3122bff72d7968a94baacb9b6

CIFS: Separate SMB2 sync header processing
Commit cb200bd6264a80c04e09e8635fa4f3901cabdaef

CIFS: Send RFC1001 length in a separate iov
Commit 738f9de5cdb9175c19d24cfdf90b4543fc3b47bf

CIFS: Make send_cancel take rqst as argument
Commit fb2036d817584df42504910fe104f68517e8990e

CIFS: Make SendReceive2() takes resp iov
Commit da502f7df03d2d0b416775f92ae022f3f82bedd5

CIFS: Separate SMB2 header structure
Commit 31473fc4f9653b73750d3792ffce6a6e1bdf0da7

cifs: Add soft dependencies
Commit b9be76d585d48cb25af8db0d35e1ef9030fbe13a

cifs: Only select the required crypto modules
Commit 3692304bba6164be3810afd41b84ecb0e1e41db1

cifs: Simplify SMB2 and SMB311 dependencies
Commit c1ecea87471bbb614f8121e00e5787f363140365