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Raffaele Candeliere (candeliere) wrote :

Hi again everybody.
I've made some other test and i've discovered something i suppose could be a hint. As i've already said, i'm able to reach the lightdm login screen only, let's say, 3 or 4 times out of 10, but all the times, i.e. ten out of ten, i cannot see the "ubuntu starting" screen, with its typical five flashing dots. This leads me to think that it could be a problem wit KMS in EFI mode, because i've been able to see this screen at all times during the installation. The only difference, hence, is probably that the cd-media i used to boot the installer, started in bios mode (but i cannot be sure about that, actually i don't remember how i started the installer).
As further hint i can add that i started to have the same strange behavior in Fedora 17 with the difference that in Fedora by no means i could be able to reach a login screen while in Ubuntu it (occasionally) works :-).
I hope this information can help.

Thanks again