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Barry Warsaw (barry) wrote :

I spent the good part of a day doing more testing.

I created a fresh 12.04 vm from the precise-desktop-amd64 ISO, dist-upgraded to the latest 12.04.1 (3.2.0-33-generic) kernel. I rebooted it 10 times in a row without hanging.

Then I took a disk snapshot and upgraded the VM to 12.10 (3.5.0-18-generic), and now it starts hanging intermittently again (say 4 hangs out of 10 reboots). What's interesting is that in the Quantal hangs, I always see something like

mountall: Disconnected from Plymouth
mountall: Plymouth command failed
...and then...
ctrl-alt-del always (as with raring previously) shows the acpid: exiting message

Fusion has an advanced option to "Pass power status to VM". In all the reboot tests in this comment, I made sure this option was always turned off. Now I turn the option on and see the hang 6 of 10 times, with the same Plymouth and acpid messages. Unscientifically, it seems like setting this option makes the hang more likely, but turning it off doesn't eliminate the hanging either. This is roughly what I observe in Raring too.

I guess that means we have a good lower bound for the bisect? ;)