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Pete Crossley (peterc) wrote : RE: [Bug 534629] Re: AssumeDefaultDomain does not work

I have oneiric running with and it is functioning. I am overriding the following in the registry only from the default package settings.



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I am using oneiric oncelot 64 bit with likewise version and assumedefaultdomain is not working for me.

Is there a fix for this?

Thanks in advance,


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  AssumeDefaultDomain does not work

Status in “likewise-open” package in Ubuntu:
  Fix Committed
Status in “likewise-open” source package in Lucid:
Status in “likewise-open” source package in Maverick:

Bug description:
  Binary package hint: likewise-open

  Setting "AssumeDefaultDomain"=dword:00000001 does not work with
  likewise-open on Ubuntu 10.04 (development branch) 64


  Many Likewise Open prefer to set AssumeDefaultDomain, as it make the
  users/groups name more consistent with local one. It is particularly
  true in deployment where there is a single domain, where prepending
  the domain name would be somewhat redundant anyway.

  Moreover, this is a regression. People upgrading to a version of
  likewise-open where the AssumeDefaultDomain work as expected will find
  their user/group names have changed, and that they now need to prepend
  them with the domain name and separator.


  Steps to reproduce:
  1. Install likewise-open, join domain.
  2. Check likewise behavior: getent passwd domain\\testuser returns information, getent passwd testuser does not.
  3. Change AssumeDefaultDomain to dword:00000001 in /etc/likewise-open/lsassd.reg
  4. Run lwregshell import /etc/likewise-open/lsassd.reg
  5. Run lw-refresh-configuration
  6. Check behavior again: getent passwd testuser should return information
  7. Logins without domain included should work

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