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Tony Shadwick (numbski+bugs-launchpad-net) wrote :

I, sadly, have to echo Jimmy's thoughts on this because a long, sad, unfunny joke. :(

I've been trying to move our infrastructure towards Ubuntu and off of SuSE - our other option being Red Hat. This bug is killer - because I'm basically having to baby the situation along by hand behind the scenes until this is fixed. That's not an acceptable situation for a corporate environment. I do realize the paid support scenario, and we're looking into it as I'm typing this - but there is just *no way* you have other corporate users running likewise and not have this issue elsewhere. I don't see a single way that a company installs this and doesn't want assumedefaultdomain enabled by default. In fact, the entire concept of a unix or linux username containing a backslash is counter-intuitive *at least*.

This isn't flames - it is just a statement of fact. Windows users moving to Ubuntu will want to only have to type their usernames. They only have to on Windows (yes, I know the domain is already there in a drop-down), and for SSH users, it only causes confusion. As it is, I have left this defaulted on some servers, and we have 2 domains in play, so telling them to do this to ssh in drives them instane:

ssh -l <email address hidden> server.domain1.tld

Where on every other server they simply do:

ssh <email address hidden>

DNS can help this situation along a bit - but not completely. Let's not even talk about Windows users that use PuTTy to connect. Talking them through these connection situations is an exercise in frustration.

Especially when the latest upstream package *works*. Well, mostly anyway. This bug is fixed - 57512 is still present, but 1 out of 2 is better than none. As I can tell in the .deb that Likewise supplies, you merely need to change some paths. Nothing earth-shattering there.

So level with us here - what is going on? Is there no maintainer for this package? If not - please consider assigning someone. If Canonical wishes to grow it's corporate presence, which I believe it does with the advent of Landscape Server, this package, almost more than any other (Samba included!) is critical. This handles the authentication and Kerberos on the domain. This is the thing that makes all of the other stuff tick.

Looking into that paid support now - but I'm astonished that other paid users haven't complained already. We are in a DoD (US) environment, so Landscape Server is a tricky thing, and the reason we hadn't jumped already.